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Happy 4th of July Independence Day US 2017 Prayers, Speech, Inspirational Words

Happy 4th of July Independence Day US 2017 Prayers, Speech, Inspirational Words: Independence Day USA is on 4th July. It has got it from Great Britain on 1776, 4th July. It is the National Holiday for United States of America. From there upon to here, USA has shown many faced and controlled situations to became one of the best countries among the world. here are some USA Independence Day 2017 Quotes. are you looking for USA Independence Day 2017 Prayers, USA Independence Day 2017 Speech & Inspirational Words. We are here to share 4th of July 2017 Prayers, Speech, Inspirational Words. So what are you waiting for just share this page with your friends and family and celebrate with National Day of United State. Happy Independence Day USA 2017!!

4 July is the most significant national holiday in the United States. It celebrates the Declaration of Independence, adopted on 4 July, 1776. The Thirteen Colonies of America declared themselves to be states and no longer part of the British Empire, though the revolutionary war continued for some time after. In the United States, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July or the Fourth, is a holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. On Independence Day there are many events such as fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, picnics, concerts, baseball games, political speeches and ceremonies, and various other public and private events. These events celebrate the history, government, and traditions of the United States.

Independence Day, the only holiday that celebrates the United States, is a national holiday marked by patriotic displays. Similar to other summer-themed events, Independence Day celebrations often take place outdoors. Independence Day is a federal holiday, so all non-essential federal institutions (like the postal service and federal courts) are closed on that day. Many politicians make it a point on this day to appear at a public event to praise the nation's heritage, laws, history, society, and people.

USA Independence Day 2017 Inspirational Words, Patriotic Lines, Heart Touching Quotes

Happy 4th of July USA Independence Day 2017 Prayers, Speech, Inspirational  Words
Happy 4th of July USA Independence Day 2017 Prayers, Speech, Inspirational  Words

Independence Day US 2017 Prayers, Speech, Inspirational Words-

If you're from United States folks, then its great day for you to remember you'r country's achievements. Here we share for you some USA Independence Day 4th of July 2017 Prayers, Speech by Barak Obama on previous year USA Independence Day. Some Inspirational Words on USA Independence Day 2017.

 July 4th 2017 Poems & Prayers-

"Lord God Almighty, in whose Name the founders of this country won liberty for themselves and for us, and lit the torch of freedom for nations then unborn: Grant that we and all the people of this land may have grace to maintain our liberties in righteousness and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever."

"Dear Lord,

There is no greater feeling of liberation than to experience this freedom from sin and death that you have provided for me through Jesus Christ. Today my heart and my soul are free to praise you. For this I am very thankful."

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Happy 4th of July USA Independence Day 2017 Prayers
Happy 4th of July USA Independence Day 2017 Prayers

"On this Independence Day I am reminded of all those who have sacrificed for my freedom, following the example of your Son, Jesus Christ. Let me not take my freedom, both physical and spiritual, for granted. May I always remember that my freedom was purchases with a very high price. My freedom cost others their very lives."

"Help me to live my life in a way that glorifies you, Lord. Give me the strength to be a blessing in someone else's life today, and grant me the opportunity to lead others into the freedom that can be found in knowing Christ.


Barack Obama 4th of July Speech- USA Independence Day 2017 Speech-

"Hi everybody.  I hope you all had a safe and happy Fourth of July, filled with parades, cookouts, fireworks and family reunions.   

We celebrated at the White House with a few hundred members of the military and their families. And we took a moment amid the festivities to remember what our Independence Day is all about – what happened 237 years ago, and what it meant to the world.

On July 4th, 1776, a small band of patriots declared that we were a people created equal – free to think and worship and live as we please.  It was a declaration heard around the world – that we were no longer colonists, we were Americans, and our destiny would not be determined for us; it would be determined by us.

It was a bold and tremendously brave thing to do.  It was also nearly unthinkable.  At that time, kings and princes and emperors ruled the world.  But those patriots were certain that a better way was possible.  And to achieve it – to win their freedom – they were willing to lay it all on the line.  Their lives.  Their fortunes.  Their sacred honor.

They fought a revolution. Few would have bet on our side to win.  But for the first of many times to come, America proved the doubters wrong.

And now, 237 years later, the United States – this improbable nation – is the greatest in the world.  A land of liberty and opportunity.  A global defender of peace and freedom.  A beacon of hope to people everywhere who cherish those ideals.

Generations of Americans made our country what it is today – farmers and teachers, engineers and laborers, entrepreneurs and elected leaders – people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world, all pulling in the same direction.

And now we, the people, must make their task our own – to live up to the words of that Declaration of Independence, and secure liberty and opportunity for our own children, and for future generations.

I want to say a special word of thanks to the men and women of our military, who have played such a vital role in the story of our nation.  You have defended us at home and abroad.  And you have fought on our nation’s behalf to make the world a better, safer place.  People in scattered corners of the world are living in peace today, free to write their own futures, because of you.  We are grateful for your service and your sacrifice, especially those still serving in harm’s way and your families here at home."

So, God bless you all.  And may God bless the United States of America.

  Fourth Of July 2017 Inspirational Words-

Happy 4th of July USA Independence Day 2017 Speech
Happy 4th of July USA Independence Day 2017 Sayings

For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail? By: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed By: Martin Luther King, Jr.

A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle By: George William Curtis

Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom. By: Albert Einstein

Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. By: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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