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Happy Fourth Of July Poems 2017 - USA Independence Day Poems

4th Of July Poems Independence Day USA-  4th of July is the Official holiday in the United State of America for the declaration of Independence Day USA. many peoples celebrate fourth of July with fireworks, parties, events and other 4th July Activities in America. as we already written about the 4tth July here as well as "Famous #16 Best Wishing Quotes, Wishing Message and Wishing sms Of 4th july 2017" and "4th of July Sayings Quotes & Speech By Obama - Independence Day USA Sayings " for you just for the celebration of Independence Day USA with your friends. find some best 4th July 2017 poems from here because today here we are going to share some unique and new poems of Independence Day USA for you. its the Independence Day In America after the world war America got its freedom on 4th July. poems are the best way to remember your country legends and spread your love and feelings with your friends. just share these poems of Independence Day USA 2017 just to show that how much you think about your country and how much you care about country. just give a look at these poems of 4th of July 2017:

Happy Fourth Of July Poems 2017 - USA Independence Day Poems
Happy Fourth Of July Poems 2017 - USA Independence Day Poems

Happy Fourth Of July Poems 2017-

I Am The Declaration Of Independence-

I was born in 1776 on the 4th of July
Amid strife and the burning question of, why?

My aim to succeed in every way
To Bless my people with hope everyday.
My every word took a solemn beginning
The anticipation of futures and also of winning.

I was written with skill from far above
With meaningful words, blended with love.
The pattern was struck into every mind
To explain what was there for all mankind.
The Truth of the Right belongs to all men
To protect it and Guard it, secured to the end.

Now with hope in our hearts and the will of the state
With life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,
OR, our fate
I pledged to each person, the promise of peace
For Loyalty and Independence never to cease.
I wrote to protect us in all of our Rights
And grant us much strength through out all of the nights.
Happy Fourth Of July Poems 2017 by Genie Keller

Happy Fourth Of July Poems 2017 - USA Independence Day Poems
Happy Fourth Of July Poems 2017

Military Song for the Fourth -

Is there a heart forgets the day
That first proclaimed us free!
Can time erase the brilliant page,
That star of memory!

No whilst one drop shall warm our veins,
We’ll guard the sacred trust;
In us shall freedom find a friend,
An altar in each breast.

The martyr’d sons of liberty
In every heart shall dwell,
Their laurels now as freshly bloom
As in the hour they fell.

The jubilee of freemen hail
In honor of their worth:
Though care assail us all the year,
To joy we’ll give the Fourth.
Fourth Of July Poems 2017 by unknown

Happy Fourth Of July Poems 2017 - USA Independence Day Poems
Happy 4th Of July Poems 2017

I am an American-

I am an American
When I say I am an American,
Several emotions sweep through me.
American is my way of life,
And fourth of July reminds me of strife.
For a free nation and free speech,
My country, for you I will never breach.
Happy 4th Of July 2017 Poems by unknown

Every day more soldiers -

Every day more soldiers have to leave
to fight this war so we can be free.
they pack light to set out on their way
praying the war will end some day.
we have lost young and lost old
but all of those men were so strong and bold
In reality it doesn't seem too fair
but when at war there is no time to care.
once in a while they may get a letter
from loved ones at home feeling a little bit better
They let them know they miss them so
but no time to cry the men must go.
They fold their letters up real tight
Putting them away for another lonely night.
slowly they rise to take their stand
as each American soldier salutes with right hand.
They yell that they will be home soon
but tonight they're going to sleep with the moon
but not alone they have one another
To an American soldier those men are his brothers.
Each and everything they do
Is without a doubt for me and for you.
honestly, how many sit and pray
for each and every soldier on the field that day?
They don't draw names to see who they protect
So why need a face to match the respect?
They don't get hot home cooked meals
and I bet they would love a steak from the grill.
They are American Soldiers standing tall and proud
They deserve our respect, don't be ashamed, scream it out loud.
but at times, a soldier has no choice but to sleep
with those words I will close for now.
Happy 4th July Poems 2017 by unknown

Happy Fourth Of July Poems 2017 - USA Independence Day Poems
4th Of July Poems 2017

 Happy Independence Day.-

Fireworks and cookouts
And time spent with friends.
Swimming and playing
The good times never end.
But lest we forget
The reason for today
Let’s all say it now
Happy Independence Day.
Happy Independence Day USA Poems 2017

The Infantry Prayer-

When the day is done for the infantry,
they bow their heads and take a knee,
they clasp their hands and start to pray,
that they may live another day,
should a challenge for them ever arise,
they would proudly meet it with open eyes,
soldiers fight with the honor and pride,
moving any and all fear to the side,
a soldier's family and freedom is his core,
for wanting to ever fight a war.
Happy Fourth Of July Independence Day USA Poems 2017

These are some best and unique poems of 4th July 2017. Just share this page with your friends and relatives on the occasions of Independence Day USA 2017

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